Mar 15, 2009

Lenovo x61 Tablet and HP TX2Z

Frustration, is all I have right now.

I wanted to get a tablet as I think it would be useful so I did some research and found that the Lenovo x61 Tablet was good.. not the best, but cheap. Core2Duo 1.6Ghz, 1gb ram(have ram at home), 160GB HD. But no CD/DVD Drive. for basically $700 after taxes.. little expensive but not too much considering... well I did some little more research and found the HP TX2Z, which is a little more expensive but had multitouch display and a cd/dvd drive plus they were having a "free" upgrades to 3gb ram and 250hd (not really free if u considering the price) also HP gives military discounts which was around 8% so I get a slightly better tablet for slightly more right..

Well Lenovo apparently isn't open on weekends. So I had to wait for the week to cancel the order.. i also emailed them to cancel it just in case. Well its sunday, bored, looking online and did some research about the TX2z.. and came upon a thread talking about how they have the ANTI GLARE screen on it and how it made the display(colors, etc.) look like shit! Seriously? As it turns out HP was having problems with the reflective displays and changed to the matte without telling any one and as it turns out the matte version looks like shit, washed out colors, hard to read text, etc. etc.

So I gave HP a call and cancel the order (as the sells rep kept offering me crap) and finally canceled basically. So now I'm stuck wondering if I should keep the lenovo or just say screw it and make sure its canceled. I'm just fed up right now.. i'm considering just moving to a desktop as i'm not going on deployment any time soon so no reason for portability. My wife has a Sony Ebook and I have the ipod touch which can check email and view the internet so.. Why should a bother with a tablet anyways.. hell why should i buy another computer? The whole reason for buying a new computer was my desktop which is a few years old.. P4 3ghz.. sure its works but not as zippy any more.. even after fresh formats. And was being stupid connecting to my server. Which it turns out its the server itself but still..

Frustrating.. I think i'm not going to bother anymore..cancel the lenovo and be done with it.. i can live with my current hardware.. just frustrating some times..

"Connect to server", error such and such.. ok .."ftp to server" sure no problems.. ?!? Samba being retarded i guess... :-|