Dec 27, 2006

Krylon Fusion (part 2)

OK, today being December 27. I was checking out the Universal Remote paint job and noticed that it has harden up and gotten better. I was a bit surprised actually. Though it does have a smell if you put it up to your nose (granted not a horrid smell but not nice either). I tried the scratch test by using my own (stubby, teeth bitten) finger nails and didn't scratch.. I was a bit miffed and got my wife to scratch it with her nails and there was a "little" marking but you couldn't really see it nor did it get to the paint, just a slight, hard to see mark. So with that said maybe the Krylon Fusion isn't that bad after all, you just have to let it cure for a couple of days. Might use this paint later on, on something else. My red DS possibly... hmm

Dec 25, 2006

Living Room Setup

Living Room Setup 2nd time Around
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Just a photo of my Living Room Setup. If you go to my Flickr Account you'll see a picture similar to this one, but I took out the middle support wood so I can placed my 7.1 Receiver in there. I have 3 cats and I know how much their HAIR accumulates in everything of mine.

As for the Cable box and why it has a cord in the middle of everything, it is because I'm about to get rid of it. Time Warner and their "great" *COUGH* BULLSHIT *COUGH* service only has a cable box with composite, not even S-Video. They have a "TIVO" like service but that box only offers S-Video.. no component. Time Warner is cheap with their customers. Sad really... So I just canceled my TV service. The internet works great so far.. Maybe it's because I have Cable Internet and I'm the only one on the block with it ;-D I want Dish Network Anyways.. but I can't because I have way too many tree's in the way and I can't do anything about it having a HDTV and no HD Cable Service or at least 480p Digital Cable.. Shesh


Dec 23, 2006

Krylon Fusion

Having found Alcaron's blog about changing his Xbox 360 Controller to black, I decided and try that on my Universal Remote. Went to Advance Auto Parts and they had the stuff Alcaron suggested but I tried Krylon Fusion and found out that it's not so good. I mean it sticks on plastic with no problem but it seems to Spray Paintish if you know what I mean. You can just take a fingernail and mark on it. Though at this point in time it has only been done for at least 5 hours, but still. I will mess with it try the scratch test in a day or so and maybe then. Who knows.